The consortium is a balanced group of a university, a commercial course provider and three non-profit organizations that operate at different levels. This ensures a high level of diversity as well as an impact on course development and the database of European cultural heritage. Project participants will act as a kind of knowledge alliance that covers many different aspects and implications for the EU.

The consortium is well distributed in Europe and includes partners from Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and Central Europe.

Stockholm University (SU, Sweden)

Stockholm University (SU, Sweden) with the department of computer and systems sciences is applicant. The university cares for scientifically based methods used in the project, impacts with the rich wealth of experience in the field of computer science, course development, and contributes to the project with a professional photographer and the deeper knowledge in cultural heritage (UNESCO context). The Stockholm university follows an interdisciplinary approach in developing learning opportunities. The university cares for the scientific impact to the project.


EDRASE from Greece is a non-profit Adult Education Organisation and specialist in implementing, performing and organizing courses in remote places, for instance on the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. As former partners in a Blended Learning project (Grundtvig 539717-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP EDRASE has the skills to impact in the creation of high-level blended courses. EDRASE is well connected in Greece and will promote the European Cultural Heritage photo contest.

European Initiative for Education

EBI/EIE from Austria is a non-profit Adult Education and trainer training organisation with an own research department and technical unit (multimedia, programming). EBI develops innovative training and learning concepts and methods. It’s specialized in conveying digital competences, ICT and technology enhanced training. EBI owns a modern ICT lab but will promote the strategy “bring your own device”. EBI will focus on high level DSLR cameras as well as on cell phone cameras in diversified courses.
EBI will programm the database and the interfaces. Three EBI members are professional photographers. Together with the SU they will develop the digital photography part of the courses and the transfer to digital competences. The EBI is associated with the Austrian folk high school and the Stadtmuseum Wiener Neustadt (due to dissemination reasons

Asociación Arrabal-AID

Asociación Arrabal-AID from Spain is also a non-profit Adult Education Organisation with inclusion models. Arrabal-AID impacts to the project by setting a focus on younger people and disadvantaged adults. Arrabal-AID have a modern computer lab to their disposal to implement the courses. In the photography part, Arrabal-AID will focus on cell phone cameras.

Proandi – Consultores Associados

ProAndi is a business oriented Adult Education & Youth Education organisation which will build the bridge between adults and younger people. ProAndi is a SME and represents professional organisations with a different approach to Adult education than the non-profit organisations. ProAndi have a modern computer lab to their disposal and will focus on cell phone cameras.


All participating organisations have experience with one (some with more) Erasmus+ projects. This experience will enable an efficient and successful implementation of the presented project.