The CICERO Course

The CICERO Course about digital photography is a tool to teach the participants digital competencies. This course follows the Flipped Learning1 approach (as developed by Jon Bergmann). This means basically competency-based Blended Learning (as a delivery method), where theoretical knowledge is conveyed in modern On-site teaching and training (using an active teaching approach), while various hands-on activities will be performed by the learners independently (Distance Learning). Distance Learning will focus on the practicing of learned techniques, the creation of images, and the practicing of digital competencies.

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The Moodle Server hosts the various CICERO courses (English, German, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese Language).

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1 Flipped Learning in this context is addressed as the “Flipped Learning 3.0 Framework”. For implementation of Flipped Learning 3.0 in Adult Education a special guide is available. You may download this guide from the web page or order a printed copy from Amazon (in English Language).