Arrabal AID

Arrabal AID is a non-governmental organization, with almost twenty years of experience (1992), whose mission is to improve the social and working conditions of the population, especially of the more vulnerable communities, as to be able to achieve a fairer and more supportive social role model. Arrabal AID, according to its values and principles, gives support to every person, promoting equal opportunities and supporting these communities helping them to reach their goals and achievements in a self-sufficient way.

We try to innovate in each project and share.

We work with all people, and especially with social exclusion: prisoners (we do festival cinema in to jail, workshops, etc.), homeless (we have 3 flats where we work with them), prostitutions, family in poverty risk, victim form violence gender, etc.


ARRABAL-AID is a social and non-profit organization. Our mission is to work for full employment and social integration of people, especially the most vulnerable, supporting them through measures and actions to impact on the social environment. We must take good care of all people and taking care of the quality we give in our services, making the person served leave our entity having satisfied their demand.


Our vision and aim is being open to lifelong learning and to be recognized as a referent in the field of social and labor incorporation.


  • Committed, ethical and transparent management.
  • Active participation / role of people.
  • Professionalism: quality at work in the service of people.
  • Sustainability: lasting impact on people, territory and environment.
  • Human Dignity: believe in people regardless of their condition.
  • Social justice: Inequality, poverty, discrimination are social anomalies.
  • Critical reflection: We learn, move forward, we improve.
  • Consistency: our actions are proof of our values.
  • Respect: There is no single model of citizenship or family. We respect diversity.
  • Our organization is based on consistent, honest and committed people.



In our social media channel you can check how our job is, and of course you are invited to visit us.