The CICERO Database “European Cultural Heritage”

The database includes a collection of images representing the European Cultural Heritage. 
Participants at the courses and other adults addressed by participants (addressed by word of mouth, public media, or the project’s web page/blog and social media) are invited to participate at the photography contest (with the topic/title “Cultural Heritage in Europe”).


These images are submitted by the photographers under a CC 4.0 license, including a description of the illustrated event /subject. The photographers remain the owners of the pictures. The database is published by the consortium as an OER. This enables schools, teaching and training organizations, or other institutions involved in any kind of education to use the images. This data is used as a public image-based database of the Cultural Heritage.
Hint: The submission and the database is monitored by dedicated consortium members before being published.

Screenshot Database

Image: This screenshot shows the start page of the database.

Link to the database ⇒ European Cultural Heritage