Photo Contest Awards

The jury awarded three images, one award has been given by the audience (with public voting).

1st place

GEORGIOS PATTAS: The Deer of Rhodes

Jury comment: A well chosen motive and the photographer has used the light creatively, while also covering the current environment, connecting the new and the old.




2nd place

CHRIS KOUZELI: National Guard

Jury comment: The subject has been covered in a myriad of photos, but here the photografer has found an innovative and well balanced angle with symmetric qualities.





3rd place

ANTONIO FARTO: Temple of Debod

Jury comment: The image enhances an impression of doom in a brilliantly balanced composition together with an adequate post-processing.


Public Voting

The contest’s audience selected the picture “The traditions walking”Josefa Osorio (Rating: 4.24/5 – 134x rate).

Congratulations to all winners!