How can you learn to use camera without camera? Try the camera simulator tool

When we begin to learn photography, we use to struggle with the parameters that define the exposure of a photograph works.

These parameters, as we see in the CICERO courses, are aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Quick resume: aperture = amount of light; shutter speed = time of exposure; ISO = sensor/film sensitivity.

The best way to master these parameters is through practice. Take your camera, select the manual mode and try to modify them to see how they affects to your picture (you may take the shoot to see it). Sometimes taking a look to our camera’s instructions is a great way to understand our device.

But, what if we don’t have a camera which let us to modify these values? How can we get familiar with them? There are some free tools that, although they are not going to provide us the experience of taking pictures, they will make it easier to understand how photography works (or how these parameters work).

This is possible thanks to some “photography simulators”. Here we show you a free simulator from Canon that let us to “experiment” with aperture, shutter speed and ISO values, revealing to us (after clicking on the “virtual shoot” button) the picture result of the values we decided.


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