Second run of the courses

The second run of the courses focused on amendments and further development of the course. The situation was made more difficult by COVID-19 and the associated measures. In some partner countries, for example, the organization of courses was not permitted or severely restricted. Out of these problems, the project team nevertheless tried to achieve added value for the project.


Since the implementation of a second run of the course was not possible due to the restrictions in winter and spring 2021 the Austrian team decide to implement a course for students at the upper High school level. This was possible as the schools were open. Harald Makl (from the EBI) has run the course with two classes with 17 up to 18 years old students. The feedback was excellent and many learned approached the content and evaluated the course as valuable and useful.

With this activity, a technical issue in the frame of transferability of the course could be cleared: It was possible, without problems, to install the course modules at e server several version numbers below the developer server.