Proandi – Associated Consultants

Proandi – Consultores Associados was created in 2001 and has worked in the market in multiple strands. Born as a company of services of hygiene and health in the work. In 2006 starts its activity a provider of consulting services in food hygiene and safety, of the agreement with new legislation on hygiene and food safety rules.

We are a VET center in Portugal (north of Portugal near Porto – Póvoa de Varzim) which aims to empower people with knowledge, know-how, skills and/or competences required in particular occupations or more broadly on the labour market. We provide services in the fields of training and consultancy, to all companies or entities that request its intervention.

We are a consulting and a VET center accredited by DGERT (Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations) in 15 areas of education and training and we are since 2008 an external entity of Institute for Employment and Vocational. Proandi work with projects financed by the SFE in the VET for youth and adults people (employed, unemployed) in many areas: restaurant and drink, cook and pastary, multimedia,  information and communication technologies, health, hair stylist, beauty.

Proandi also conducts professional training courses in private security authorized by the National Direction of the public security police. These courses are aimed at people under the age of 18 and with no age limit. We have adult people up to 65 years of age. The courses are Basic Training, Security Guard-Doorman, Security guard and Personal Accompaniment, Sports Grounds Assistant, Trade Shows Assistant, Ports And Airports Assistant -Airport Security, Ports And Airports Assistant – Port Protection

From 2008 to 2011 we had two adult education and training courses (EFA): a course on food quality control techniques composed of 1934 hours where they attended and finished 16 trainees, aged between 23 and 50 years, and another course of educational action, composed of 2235 hours in which consisted 15 trainees between the ages of 23 and 50.

We taught courses initial vocational education and training in the labour market (under the regulation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity through the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training): – Apprenticeship system. The apprenticeship courses are part of an initial vocational training system alternating between the school and the workplace, addressing mainly youngsters aged between fifteen and twenty five years who are not included in the mandatory school system. The training process alternates between the professional/vocational (where the socio-cultural, scientific-technological and the practice training in training context takes place) and the workplace (where the practice training in work context takes place). At moment Proandi has 99 trainees attending the courses of restaurant bar and food/pastry. They are 15 to 24 year old who have the 3rd cycle of basic education or equivalent, without completing secondary education. They are young people attending bar/restaurant and kitchen / pastry courses at risk of dropping out of school, with very low socioeconomic backgrounds, family backgrounds and other disadvantaged groups, where their preparation, integration and follow-up to enable employability and lifelong learning are indispensable.

Training Proandi’s core business is the professional qualification of youngsters and adult people in several technical areas. Proandi training methodology standards binds theory and practice allowing trainees to experience the routine of a normal worker and acquire a set of values and attitudes that help them grow professionally and individually. Thus, along a strong theoretical component, the trainees undergo long periods of practical training in a real working context, in several partner companies, where they apply and expand their knowledge. Most of these SME’s end up integrating the trainees into their staff due. We have a very high employment rate, contributing actively to the reduction of unemployment and to the creation of professional skills, key factors to raise Portugal’s competitiveness within the European space.

Training is organized and developed by highly qualified professionals who use the most adequate and attractive intervention methodologies to accomplish the established goals.

PROANDI reconciling their performance in the areas of training and consultancy developed a close relationship between its services and its environment. Partnerships between the different actors (customers, training agents, partners, municipalities, social economy, among others) allow the development of strategies, best practices and resource synergies, referral to the PROANDI adult and youth with training needs for insertion into the formal and non-formal training in Practice Training component in Work Context held in local companies. Also we maintaining partnerships with customers and stakeholders that will raise the integration of graduates in the labor market. This experience is for many of them, the first contact / experience with the world of work, allowing them to consolidate theoretical knowledge as well as acquisition of technical and personal skills. These partnership with these entities also provide an answer to the training needs of young/adult people.

Learning courses offered by PROANDI aimed at reducing early school leaving, reduce youth/adult unemployment and boost its qualified transition to active life; create the conditions for the strengthening and consolidation of the Portuguese dual system by streamlining and simplification of training provision, giving it greater coherence and bringing it closer to the real needs of the labor market ; invest in technological component and increasing competitiveness of enterprises in particular in sectors of tradable goods and services , promoting , in this way , the creation of qualified employment.

Since 2008, PROANDI held a series of training actions involving 6571 trainees and a volume of training 2,331,671 hours.