Here, you can download the material developed in the project’s lifetime. The material is available as an Open Educational Resource (OER) under a  Creative Commons 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License.

The files are offered as ZIP Files due to security reasons. After the download, extract the zip files. They will include only one file.


Description Download Comment
CICERO Course (complete)
Download as ZIP File
311 Descarga
This is the complete course in English language.
CICERO Course (Part 1)
Download as ZIP File
313 Descarga
This is part 1 of the complete course. Files are split to keep the file size small.
CICERO Course (Part 2)
Download as ZIP File
377 Descarga
This is part 2 of the complete course. Files are split to keep the file size small.

eXe-Learning files

These files are available as the original .elp files, due to security reasons they are zipped.

Description Download  Comment
Camera control
362 Descarga
Image file formats
349 Descarga
Depth of field
390 Descarga
333 Descarga
350 Descarga
Shutter speed
396 Descarga
359 Descarga
350 Descarga
Color Composition & Contrast
371 Descarga
File formats
362 Descarga
Image composition – Lines
380 Descarga
Manual vs Automatic
398 Descarga
Smartphone exposure
413 Descarga
Smartphone focus
396 Descarga
The interplay between Foreground & Background
437 Descarga

The transferability guide is available from the relevant page ⇒ Download the Guide