Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff meeting of the project has taken place in Wiener Neustadt end of March 2019.


From all partners people participated at the project.

  • University of Stockholm (Sweden)
    Love Ekenberg, Harko Verhagen
  • EDRASE (Greece)
    Michail Filioglou, Nicolaos Tzimpopoulos
  • EBI/EIE (Austria) – hosting the meeting
    Peter Mazohl, Sylvia Mazohl, Stefanie Mayrwöger, Harald Makl, Kathrin Zehrfuchs
  • Asociacion Arrabal Aid (Spain)
    Patricia De Castro, Jua De Lucas
  • ProAndo (Portugal)
    Ana Carvalho, Marina Rocha

The Agenda

The agenda of the meeting covered

  • An intensive Project presentation
  • The finalization of tasks and responsibilities which led to the signing of the  Cooperation Contract
  • The planning of the structure of the teaching event
  • Several discussion and agreement to the web page and blog
  • The planning of special dissemination activities (contribution to conferences, submission of papers)
  • Budget issues
  • Development of a detailed Gantt Chart with significent milestones.