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Impact of COVID-19 in delivering of learning.
This is the first screen shot of the webpage hosting the database of the “European Cultural Heritage Image Database”. This
When we begin to learn photography, we use to struggle with the parameters that define the exposure of a photograph
European cultural heritage is a rich and diverse puzzle of inheritance from previous generations or Europeans and a bequest for
Last November 20th our spanish partner, Arrabal-AID, finished the second edition of the Photography Course in Málaga (Spain). The course
FAKE NEWS & INFORMATION on-line By Akrivi Anagnostaki "We are not just fighting an epidemic; we're fighting an infodemic" T.A.Ghebreyesus,
We started the second edition of the PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE, in Malaga (Spain). A total of 15 participants have the opportunity
Recently a new book was punished that is related to both goals of the CICERO project: Digital Competences & European
I am sometimes asked why I am involved in a project that combines photography with digital skills. The answer is
For those who think the best photographs are taken only with cameras. check here the best photographs taken with mobile