Photography & Digital Skills

I am sometimes asked why I am involved in a project that combines photography with digital skills. The answer is quite simple: Because these two areas are closely linked and have a common interface.

The following illustration shows the rough connection.

Digital photography is closely connected with creativity and the knowledge and experience of image composition – this will lead to appealing images.

Digital skills in general help citizens to survive in a digital-dominated world. Here you will use social networks as well as a computer for work ore a tablet with a lot of apps with a tablet.

The project aims

The CICERO Project aims to build a bridge: Combine in-depth knowledge of designing images, including the technical possibilities of digital cameras with the requirements of our digital age. That means creating and publishing content as well as using social networks or documenting events or cultural treasures (from the present and the past).

Further benefits and added value of the project

Here are some ideas how the results of this project can be used in other fields of education.

School education

The project’s results can be used especially in project work or group-based teaching. Here are some examples for assignments.

  • Initiate a project documenting local cultural architectural treasures
  • Preparing an event documentation – this should include both high-quality images and a sophisticated accompanying text.
  • Create an exhibition as a documentation of an event (for example school festival, class trip, excursion, field trip, or similar).
  • Creating a series of pictures showing the different states of mind/moods of a person

Vocational Education and Training

A special training using the project’s results can be used to

  • Create a series of high-quality images as a “making-of” documentation
  • Implement composing and designing rules to create images of higher quality of professional issues (for example in the real estate business, the documentation of completed orders, proposals for customers and a lot of more opportunities).


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